Thanksgiving Update


Well first of all I have to say that I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Secondly, I will be updating you all on how my semester is going, what's going on with Creative Ellusions, plus a few other updates!

First of all I would like to let you all know that for the last 6-8 months I have been helping out with helping my gma take care of her brother who died Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 8:32a. I say prayer for him and my family as we grieve the loss but cherish everything he taught us. I love and miss you already Uncle Lenoard. May you rest in peace!

Of course you all know that I have been going to college since August so sometimes my homework has my attention so its been kinda hard to fit in a quick update or by time I get to it I run out of energy! But I have been doing really well in all my classes! I am doing fairly well in POLSC 151 which I am somewhat surprised by my grade but I am doing the best I can. HUMAN 250 has been a tough class so far because the professor has no structure what-so-ever! Upon talking to others in the class they feel the same, don't get me wrong the professor does have some cool ways of making some classes really fun, but when he does lectures he has no structure. Of course, CIS 130 I am passing with a high A...big surprise because that's my specialty! But the class that has surprised me the most is MATH 121...I have the highest score in the class!! And to think I thought math was my weakest subject.

Well on the other event I have been doing some major planning for Creative Ellusions. Just a little bit of background on Creative Ellusions: It's a business that I started doing plans for the instant I graduated from High school. I have complete ownership in the business though I have not gotten a license yet for it. Right now I am working a little freelance under it. Most the work that I have been doing is all going to be copyrighted by both Creative Ellusions and myself! I have gotten a draft contract all written up, I have a database all set up and I do have small clientele that does include family. I do not earn nothing from it yet but I am in the workings to make that possible. Since I am majoring in Web & Graphic Design the primary service will be those two but I do have many other services available! (Website coming soon)

As for "The Official Site of Mandi Davis" this is now going to be known as "Mandi's Notebook" indefinitely! It dawned on me just moments ago. A couple days ago it was inspired by my mother who was telling a relative "She's always had a notebook and pen with her every where she goes." So because this blog contains what a notebook I'd carry around would it fits my personal site really well. Not only will it contain blogs but it will also contain some of my writings, personal work I do on the side outside Creative Ellusions, and miscellaneous things! I am working on getting the website together even though I have no designs thought of. So until now, this will be my website and I will have a re-launching later!! Depending on my research and plans, I may be moving this back to WordPress. When that happens I will keep you all updated.

Thanks for checking up on us!

Uh Oh It's Oreo!


Uh Oh it's Oreo! I am sure we all have had an oreo cookie or two in our childhood. Sometimes it was a cookie that a parents shared with their children. I know my dad sure did when I was growing up! So I am sure if I was a parent I would share it with my kids (which I do plan on doing when I have kids of my own). Growing up I would love oreo time, with dad and Bubba (what we call my brother). We'd have chocolate milk a pack of oreo cookies and we'd have a blast. Dunking the oreo, breaking it apart, eating the middle...oh the possiblities of eating an oreo are endless. I know that my personal way I eat is I dunk at least one in chocolate milk (or as I realized I have a big mouth, shove half of one in my mouth and take a drink), then I would take a part of few and eat the middle and then dunk at least one in chocolate milk, then the last one I eat it and then finish the chocolate milk to chase it all down! Oh oreo you are so delicious!!

With my oreo cookie experience it got me thinking (and it doesn't help that the oreo cookie commercials are also bringing my curiosity in and out of control) how do others eat their oreo cookies? Everyone has a way they prefer to eat it and I shared my memory and my preference on eating the oreo cookie, now I would like to know yours. The memory doesn't have to be a childhood memory, it can be any memory you want it to be and you can list as many ways you eat an oreo as you want! No you don't have to give details like I do but if you'd like it don't make it how you want it to be!!! Pictures are welcome if like!!

Be creative! I love creativity!