Confused, Need Advice


Ok, so most of you know that I have been going through a rough time. Zac and I have been on a space thingy in which he told me later that night when I called him after getting home whether we were still boyfriend/girlfriend and that we were just spending time to figure things out. He said yes and so I left it at that. Well I found out that he has himself listen as single and looking for a good time on his MySpace profile. It doesn't really bug me but it hurts because I love him still and I know him and I still have a chance.

The first night I figured would be the hardest night because I was not going to be in the same room or bed with him that I was for the last 22 days. But the other day I e-mailed him and told him how I felt because it was on my chest and really bugging me. So that night I went to bed but guess what, I cried myself to sleep. Of all nights to cry myself to sleep it is the night that I get everything off my chest especially e-mailing the stuff to Zac.

But now there is another person coming into the picture. Chris. He is a friend and I am not going to lie that him and I were getting close about four to five months before Zac and I started dating. Well about two weeks before things got out of hand with Zac and I, Chris e-mailed me and it was a friendly e-mail. (Yes Zac, if you read this I think I told you that Chris e-mailed me and I am sorry if I did not let you read it but I was appalled by it myself.)

Now I am starting to hang out with Chris again. The other day I went to hang out with Chris. We watched a movie (The Butterfly Effect) and during the movie he tickled me (which reminded me of Zac because Zac loved tickling me). Well after the movie I just could not help it. I started crying on Chris and the whole time I was crying I was telling Chris all that went on and more or less it was all talk about Zac.

Chris was nice and hugged me and told me that everything was going to get better and maybe this happened to let another thing happen. See Chris is very opinionated and I love it, but Zac was the same way. The whole time I was with Chris he did things that Zac did. Of course Chris is different and so is Zac. Then after I cried Chris made me smile. Zac did the same thing if I ever cried on him.

Chris reminds me of Zac and it really hurts to see him because I feel that if I get into a relationship with him all I am going to do is cry because I am thinking of Zac. Appartantly I am not over Zac and I know that Chris probably sees that. Right now I am really confused whether to wait for Zac or to just let my heart heal and see what happens with Chris.

Please what do I do? I need advice!