So I am a major sucker at loving to do reviews!! So this is the page that shows you which type I do, the format I follow, and even a list of the reviews that I have done!! The types I do are: music, movies, television series, websites, applications, phones, mp3 players, and much more.

Book ReviewsI do review books that I have read; however, this is not were they are posted. This is just a page showing you the format and also giving you information on how you can send in your request for me to review a book that you’d like my opinion on.

As the format here is how I write a book review:
Book Title
Amount of Pages

List of Reviews:
The Vampire Diaries: The Struggling & The Awakening
New Moon
Breaking Dawn
The Last Song

Music Reviews
Yes, I do write reviews for music! Music is my life and I like to share what I discover in it to all my friends as well as hope that they like it as well themselves!! How do I do it?? Well I write a review for just a band (i.e blink-182, Muse, Angels & Airwaves) or on an album (i.e a band produced album, a mix album like the Now CDs, and soundtracks). Once again I would like to remind you I do take request which I’ll have more information at the end of the page.

Under each category is the link to the review under that category [i.e Band reviews will be listed right under band reviews, etc]

Band Review
Band Name

Albums Review
Band Name
Album Name

Track Listing

List of Reviews:
The Twilight Soundtrack
Avenged Sevenfold: Nightmare
Usher: Raymond v Raymond

Movie Reviews
Well, I cannot leave these out because I am also a huge fan of movies and love to review ones I have watched from time to time. This page does not include the actual reviews but just a general guideline of what I use in a movie review. I do take request in where people can ask for me to review a movie that they do not see.

As for the format here it is:
Movie Name
Lead Characters
Running Time

List of Reviews:
From Paris With Love

Product Reviews
What are product reviews and what type of products do I review? Product reviews are [self] explaintory. They are reviews on products that you use every day. What type of products do I review? A [wide] variety of producst that include:  MP3 players, Computers (including [some] programs), Cell Phones (that I have worked with and such), Cars (that I see everyday or even drive). This page does not include the actual reviews but just gives you the format I use as well as an area were you find out how to request for certain reviews to be made [by myself].
For the format, here it is:

Product Name

List of Reviews:
BlackBerry Pearl 8130
Seesmic Desktop
iPod mini 2G 4GB
iPod Nano 2G 4GB
iPod Classic 80GB
Microsoft Zune
BlackBerry Curve 8330
BlackBerry Curve 8350

Web Reviews
Well I am now open to do web reviews! I am happy to announce this because most of you can tell I am always online and I like to be able to share my opionions on things. I do have to say that if you want me to review a certain site that you do not see on there, just shoot me up an e-mail to

Format for Web Reviews:
Website Name

List of Reviews:
Web Design Library: My One Vise I Use Where You are the DJ

Rating System
Most people are probably wondering how my rating system is gonna work. Easy answer, its consist of stars (*) a goes from * to *****. Your probably wondering whether the star system is also going to work well with the web reviews and thats a simple answer, yes it is! Books, Movies, Music, and Products are rated on how I like and includes the following:  how I liked the graphics; whether or not I thought the actors were staying in character the whole movie (which I hope they do; how the songs were; how the product held out; whether there were any typos in the book; whether the book kept me interested; and other things that help me make my decision. Web sites will be reviewed on the following:  how many pages they had; how they were formatted; how often they are used; how popular they are; and other miscellanous things. So without further ado this is what the stars me.
* = Boring
** = Okay
*** = Not Boring Not Okay but could use a lot of work
**** = Great
***** = Awesome

I am also open to any of your suggestions!!! If you are wanting to see a specific review for something that is not listed, send me an e-mail to and I'll be sure to get to it as soon as possible.