Follow Friday 4.24.2009


Weekly list for my #followfriday for Twitter. [Posted by username, could change before 11:59pm today]

This list is for the Follow Friday for 4.24.2009 for @MandiDavis. One will be posted weekly. As more is added to my list throughout the day [if needed] this list will be udpated and tweeted!

Follow Friday Update and More


A couple entries back I had discussed Twitter's famous Follow Friday. Well with last weeks follow friday my twitter follower list has grown almost by 20+ people. Well this week I am going to start something different. I am going to start posting a link to each follow friday list and putting it up in a blog, as well as updating my status with the WHOLE list of followers for the event. That way I still can do the hashtag and start getting recognized on

How can you get on my list? Well for this week (since its such sort notice) I will just handpick like I do every week. But from after this Friday on there will be a few things I will look into. And here's a list in what I will look at:

  • How neat your Twitter page looks
  • How nice you are (i.e. friendly, recommendations, tweets, etc)
  • How much we talk
  • How popular you are (i.e. how many people are following you)
  • And a few odds and ends.
I am hoping that soon I can have a fair list that have different people on it each week. Some weeks I might have one or two of the same people on it but I am hoping that I can spice it up a bit and have different people on it as well.

On a lighter note I am working on getting this site back to a nicer and more complex (for me at least) site were I hope people will start saying Wow, Mandi actually spent some time and worked hard on it. I am hoping to also work on getting to find a way to get back into college so that I can really pursue my degree in Web and Graphic design, but for now I am just playing around.

Well, that's all for the updates and I hope to see you all in the Twitter land!!

Twitter: My Revolution


Most of everyone has heard of Twitter by now but many still don't have a Twitter account. I don't mind who does or doesn't have a Twitter because its their reason they don't but most of the many users who do find that they love it because they find more people who like stuff they do. I use it to update people on what I am doing throughout the day as well as to create more friendships and find others around me who would like to hang. I even use it to keep in touch with friends who I have known for a while. Most views of my blog know that my username on Twitter is @MandiDavis and I even have a RSS feed on here. Well I have recently gotten a new cellphone provider in which my tweets can be sent to me via text. Well I have gone through my list of people who follow me and my list of people I follow and have complied a list of people who I have their tweets sent to my phone. Here is the list [Note: the list is in no particular order!!]:

My list is based of friends who I tweet with on a daily basis, those who send updates (i.e. New stations, bands, etc), or even just people who I really want to keep in touch. I had to keep the list to a bare minimum so that my phone won't blow up. I just want to say to all my Twitter friends, if it gets outta hand I'll just swith it to Direct Messages. But I am hoping it don't come down to that.
If you are a memeber of Twitter and don't know how to do that, then follow me and send me a reply or direct message and I'll be glad to help. [Note: If I get many request I'll possibly make a blog about it]. Tell than, lets get Twittering!!

Follow Friday: The Weekly HUGE Holiday for Tweeps


As the word about Twitter is getting bigger, so are most peoples follower's list. Follow Friday (#followfriday) has brought a lot of people together and also has made a lot of people start finding others who tweet (an update on Twitter) about things they like. Twitter isn't just a site that allows people to keep others updated, to me its a site were people can find and socialize with others. Just today Oprah joined the Twitter nation and last night Ashton Kutcher was crowned King of Twitter. So how do you Follow Friday. Well first if you haven't joined, you must [in order to partake in Follow Friday] then once you join start searching for friends or celebrities you know and then every Friday you type in #followfriday then @ with the person's username in your status update. Once your list gets bigger so does your list for Follow Friday's.  For now I am out. I'll have more on Twitter soon!!
~Mandi Davis

Seesmic Desktop


Seesmic Desktop
Seesmic Desktop so far has been the only program I have used (other than the Power Twitter extension for FireFox) for twitter and I enjoy it! It is a very easy-to-use program that users can figure out without beating up the computer. It lets you update your tweets without even going to the website. I enjoy using the program and I am sure others would too!

Marked (Book)


P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast
Young Adult, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction
306 p.
This is another great book because its a twisted Vamprye (how the author in this book spells it) novel. It is nothing like the Twilight Saga. In this novel series they get marked which is extremely different and surprisingly a good book. I wasn't able to put it down (the same way it was with Twilight) and surprisingly I would highly recommend that if you like the Twilight Saga your gonna love this one. P.C. and Kristen really did a good job at finding a way to get a book that readers would be on the edge of there seat when reading their book.