R.I.P. Hollis Wayne Hurst Junior (June 14, 1961 - March 14, 2009)


It seems just like yesterday that I came into the world and I knew you had to have held me plenty of times. I was the first girl among Nick, Eric, Chris, and Jon! No one knew whether there'd be anymore girls in the immediate family and once there wasn't I knew you and I would have a special bond in which we did. I was your angel because you had no daughter so I was the daughter figure in your life (other than Jenna).

I know that I already had a dad but I knew that if anything was going to happen to my dad that you would be here for me. I never had thought that you'd be gone before my dad, or even before you could have seen me have my happy day. I don't even think that we all thought that we would have to lose you this way.

One grand memory that I remember about or bond was that whenever we'd have any get together that you and I would be near each other that I knew I'd have to find my uncle Hap to come give you a hug. When I was little I would come and run and jump and give you one big huge bear hug. Now that I am not so little I would just run and find you, once I did I was in your arms forever.

I really wish you wouldn't have left right before I could have fixed things because I feel horrible because the last feeling that I got was that you were mad at me for leaving grandma's birthday with Heather. I wish I could have stayed longer or even called you sooner to talk to you so that you knew that I understood things bout Heather then what some of the other family members felt about her.

I know most people don't know bout the Nick and Heather situation (to anyone wanting to know its a family matter and that this is just my tribute to my uncle I am doing) but I am hoping that you still love me and wasn't horrifically pissed at me before you died because I just hope and pray we didn't depart on wrong terms. Right now its hard for me to let go and grasp the fact that your dead cause I'm thinking its one huge nightmare that you'll walk through this door telling me to come and give you a hug and that I just had a nightmare...BUT ITS NOT!!!

I just want you to know that I miss you terribly and that I'll always have a piece of you in my heart!

R.I.P. Uncle Hap
Love You Already,
Your Favorite and only Niece,
Mandi Lynn

Suze Orman...was on Oprah today


Suze Orman was on Oprah today and I watched it and also recorded it on the DVR because Suze Orman knows what she is talking about. I don't know why I haven't begun to keep up on Suze Orman until now but I agree with most of what Suze Orman says. Not just because she has endorced the company that I work with but because pretty much all she says is true. Most people do not know how to spend there money wiseley but if anyone was to talk to Suze about your money issues she is one person you probably need if you have horrible spending habits because she will tell you whether you should stop with the habits or not.

I have posted a link (above) for both Suze Orman as well as Oprah not only because I think that if you visit Oprah you'd learn a lot from them but because I believe that you should visit their site(s) if you are going through any type of troubles or anything.  If you think that you shouldn't take any advice from me, its not from me...it's from either Suze or Oprah and I do believe taht they could help you with any problems you have.
Well, that's all I have for now! Take Care!

*Note* This is ony an overview I will have a whole list of details on things she covered soon!

I'm Fine, I Swear


To: My Friends and Family
From: Your Great Friend
Date: 3/4/09

Dear Friends and Family,
I just want to say that I thank all of you for your continual support in what I do. Yes I am hoping that things will continue to get better and I am sure that as long as I continue to have such great support in all I do I will do great. I don't want you guys to stop believing in me because then that means that you've lost faith in me and that is just the opposite I have for you. I just got to say that please don't ever lose your faith in me because I cannot lose everyones faith. Its what keeps me strong.

As for my love life I just have to say that I am not looking for anything. Justt friendships. I do not want to be hurt again because I don't think I can handle the hurt and heartache that I have felt with the last two. My first love what harder than the last one but I believe my faith got me through it. I'm just gonna stay strong and focus on my future.

Well that's all I have to say for now.

Your friend