I'm Fine, I Swear

To: My Friends and Family
From: Your Great Friend
Date: 3/4/09

Dear Friends and Family,
I just want to say that I thank all of you for your continual support in what I do. Yes I am hoping that things will continue to get better and I am sure that as long as I continue to have such great support in all I do I will do great. I don't want you guys to stop believing in me because then that means that you've lost faith in me and that is just the opposite I have for you. I just got to say that please don't ever lose your faith in me because I cannot lose everyones faith. Its what keeps me strong.

As for my love life I just have to say that I am not looking for anything. Justt friendships. I do not want to be hurt again because I don't think I can handle the hurt and heartache that I have felt with the last two. My first love what harder than the last one but I believe my faith got me through it. I'm just gonna stay strong and focus on my future.

Well that's all I have to say for now.

Your friend


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