The Players Handbook [Update 1]


6. Met his friends yet?
Haven't met his friends after six months? How bad. One obvious sign is he keeps saying "Next week" and then next week, he goes "next week". He DEFINITELY has another girlfriend his friends already know about. You're just his bit on the side- however much he's telling you he "loves" you.

7. Secret phone calls:
Players are of course going to have more then one girl calling them, sometimes you may be out on a date, or sitting one night watching a movie and his phone goes off, he immediately looks at it and then presses ignore. When you ask who it was he replies "Oh nobody, just some friends" and then will change the subject by cuddling closer, or kissing you. Sometimes you may also be in the middle of a phone conversation and his other line will go off, he tells you hold on a minute and answers the other line, when he comes back he tells you "Sorry, just some friends trying to get a hold of me" and then continues on with the conversation you were having. If this becomes constant and you never get an idea of who is calling him, it's probably more then likely another girl.

8. Always Gotta Keep It Hush Hush:
Players always have some sort of excuse as to why you can't tell others you are dating each other. Everything about you relationship is always Hush Hush. The player will always have that one excuse as to why nobody can know you and him are seeing each other. The whole relationship is one big SECRET.

9.Relationship? Guilt Trip:
A player will always be about an unspoken bond or something special, but never about a relationship. He always wants YOU to feel special, like you're the one for him.The whole dating thing was your idea that way in the end you feel guilty that he cheated on you. Makes you feel like you did something wrong. Everything in the arrangement is about you. Never about him its all part of his guilt trip he cheated plan.

There is several different types of players, but they all have the essential characteristics listed above.
Type 1"dorky best friend didn't see him coming from a mile away":
This is the most rare and hardest to spot player and undeniably the most effective. He is sensitive, caring, supportive, and usually comes across as not very put together....a bit dorkyish and boyish. Of course he's hot, but acts as if he is the furtherest thing from it. He will see the chick-flick you've talked about for months and keeps his eyes on you when a dropped dead gorgeous model type passes by. But thats just the very core of his game. He gains your trust, love, and 99.9 % of the time full and complete access to your bed. He will even more than likely make you think that you made the first move. And because you are their "best friend" they have a "special" ring tone for your phone number, usually your favorite song!!

Type 2"OMG he really did exist i was beginning to think i imagined him":
He is the sort that blows in like a whirlwind and never sticks around for very long. There's always a long drawn out explaination and he is so amazing in bed that you immediately forgive him and forget why it was that you were mad at him in the first place. There will always be a promise that this will be the last time he leaves but by next week he will have yet again disappeared.

Type 3"okay obviously he's a player but good gawd LOOK AT HIM":
Okay we've all known this type and more than likely we've all hooked up with them, just once. They are too hard to resist. We tell ourselves no one will ever find out and justify it "rationally" once we've seen them shirtless. He knows he's hot, beyond gifted in bed, and doesn't even know the definition of the word commitment and admittedly, we don't care. Reference the song Dirty Little Secrets by All-American Rejects.

Missing You Is Hard


To: My Dearest
From: Your Sweetheart
Date: 2/18/09 22:15

I'm standing here at work thinking how nice it would be to be standing in your arms but at the moment given I am not. I've not heard from you in a couple of weeks to a month and that is also making me realize how real this time apart from you is killing me. I really long for you to also be here telling me that it is okay and that everything'll get better, but your not. I also lay awake at night wondering if you are thinking the same thing. Its been hard being away from you sice I have figured out how I feel about you.

My feelings for you have changed a lot since our eyes met each other a few odd years back. It's almost like I figured we'd just be acquaintances instead of lovers, but in fact my feelings did a 360. I never thought it'd be so hard describing our parting but it's hard not seeing you. Who would have thought taht we'd be good for each other.

I never thought that someone would take my breathe away to where I have to makes ure my heart is still pumping, but thats what it does everytime we talk on the phone, text, instant message, or e-mail. I would have thought that this wouldn't all be like this after all I have been through but it's not. I never thought that this would like me, that I'd fall hard for someone but maybe your the lucky one.

I don't like the seperation but I guess I've grown use to waiting and wondering. It's hard for me to wonder whether your feelings have changed since the last we talked. Once I see [most of the time] that it hasn't it makes the smiling, dancing like a little school girl dance, the adrenaline, and making sure I'm breathing come back to me. Theres times I wish at a certain moment that you'd know I need that text, phone call, instant message, or even e-mail to cheer me up. But nothing comes. Its hard and I guess I have to deal. I am strong and I'll make it til I hear your voice next.

I love you and miss you much,
Your sweetheart

The Players Handbook


*Note:* This piece of work is only for Sparklemob girls to contribute to; however, you can comment on it and input on what you think. Sparklemobbers...I hope you have picked a color and let Lesa know as well as all the others so we don't have conflicts. To do so go to the Facebook Group or even BAE.

*             *           *
The player's handbook, well that's every girl's best friend and every guy's worst nightmare. You see it gives away important details about being a guy who is a player. To really understand the player's handbook you have to know and understand the definition of a player. You can't just google for the definition of a player because ,well, lets's face it you got football players, basketball players, you got the movie The Players, it's also an acting term; so you see have to really understand the true meaning of a Player dating wise. Let's start with the definition, quite simple if you ask me.

Player (n): an individual skilled at sexual seduction, One who actively seeks out sexual partners and carries on a number of sexual affairs at the same time.

You may also find places that refer to it as a slang word, in reality, it's like slut, whore, or skank only for a guy. Now, you could be thinking well wouldn't he just be a man-whore? The answer is No. There is a clear difference between Player and Man-Whore. A man-whore is a guy who is like a prostitute aka gigolos, hustlers, and call-boys. Whatever you do, don't get the two mixed up. This handbook is going to strictly focus on a player not a man-whore.

There are several characteristics of a player that really should throw a neon sign out there, but for some reason we miss them. Maybe its the lines they throw at us but its more than likely the smokin' hot body that blinds us. And ironically, that is the first characteristic of a player....

1. The player is always smokin' hot and knows how to work it to their advantage. And because of this......generally they will rip off their shirt at the drop of a hat!! Honestly, how can we miss this as an obvious sign of a player??

2. Smooth.....painfully smooth. The lines that they spout off at the drop of a hat would mesmurize a top of the class havard graduate and make her forget her name. And i'm not talking about lines like "did it hurt when you fell from heaven??" Their lines are trickier and we never realize they are lines until after its way too late.

3. You're their one and only:
players tend to make girls feel like they are "their one and only" they spoil them with romance, whisper all the sweet nothings that we all want to hear, and make us girls feel like no one in the world can take our place. sometimes they may even go as far as showing us signs that they want to spend their lives with us and that their is a great future ahead.

4: Nicknames
Every been called a baby, sweetheart, or doll. For players its not out of affection is because they don't want to call you the wrong name. It is simple easier to use terms like baby and sweetheart. Now, sometimes it is out of affection but not all the time. For an example of a player using these terms watch the movie John Tucker Must Die

5. They make you believe anything you say:
Some players find ways to lure you into their love and once they know that they got you then they use it to your advantage. They blind you with saying they will promise things will get better or that they never intend to hurt you. With their luring words they will find a way to hook you in on every word that they say. Sometimes if they are playing so good they'll make you think they love you even if they don't. Once they know your hooked they could make the relationship last week, maybe months, even years and you not know. Some are just that cruel. But if things don't go the way they hope they'll dump you in an instant and leave you hurt, heartbroken and scarred. If your strong make sure you have the wit to play the game because sometimes it takes two to tango and you might have a chance at beating them at their own game.

A New Writing Idea


So last night I was working on falling asleep when all I could think about was how much I missed this guy. A guy who is the one I could tell anything to, one I would love to cuddle up to at night and all that juicy stuff. But anywho thats when I got the idea to do another writing thing [which might require another blog but I'm sure I can deal] that includes writing memorandiums of things that go on in my everday life. But that just something that came to mind.

Its not that I am not bored with writing because I already have two novels that are ready to be edited and published; one that I am working on that is a sequel to the two novels waiting to be published; a true story type deal on how to survive teenage years but I am sure that I can try to make all of it work for me to were I can get those published soon [if not I will find a way to get them out to everyone]. But when I am bored I love to write.

Well that's all for now.

Valentine's Day Part II


Well as I mentioned in my last entry that Valentine's Day is my parents 20th anniversary and I have to say that my parents had a wonderful 20th anniversary. I could say that there were a couple of flaws or almost spoliers to the plans that I incorporated with their plans but I'd be lying. One part of their plans had to be canceled due to the lack of funds but the going out to the bar was one plan that mom was not going to let ruin her anniversary.

They were planning on going out to eat at Red Lobster but since we live in Michigan (and I'm hoping most of you either have heard that Michigan isn't doing so well, or that most of you live in Michigan as well and understand the financial difficuties that most are going through) they had to cancel or postpone it to a different time. That didn't stop mom from getting a great dinner for her anniversary because her best friend (who so happens to be my godmother) saved the day and brought some ribs with her and we had BBQ ribs for dinner in which my mamma and I cleaned up the kitchen after dinner.

Mom had invited a couple of friends [in which most are family] to the local bar in town that we just started going to for drinks, celebration and fun. Well thats were I wanted most of the surprising from myself and my brother. Earlier during the week I had went to my mamma's and made a picture collage that consisted of there engagement picture [which was taken around 20 years ago!], a poem, and some roses and heart clipart. Then I went to Kroger (yes the same one that I work at) and bought a ballon that said "Happy Anniversary" and one that had "Happy Valentine's Day" cause the day to them is both. Well I had my brother ride with me to the bar and told him what it was so that he wasn't surprised to not know what HIM and I both had done for their anniversary.

Him and I even discussed when would be a good time to bring the presents into the bar and we decided to do it when we figured everyone was there (especially my mamma, aunt Patty, aunt Neine, uncle Hap, and aunt Joan) so that way everyone could see how my mom reacted. When mom opened her gift and read it the tears that came to her eyes was just a emotional for me as it was for her. Around a year ago I couldn't begin to tell you whether I thought I'd be able to do something nice for her cause I was engaged to someone that I truly loved but my parents hated in which I moved into an apartment with around April last year (which is ex-douchebag #1) and that relationship didn't end well (any who off that subject please) but it was nice to see her reaction.

Then I knew that I was going to be able to find "Have a Cigar" by Pink Floyd in the jukebox at the bar and be able to play it for them. Well I did and when mom heard it she knew I played it for her and she told everyone that this was the song that was playing when her and dad got married. Man did I surprise a lot of people when mom said that I played it for them. She just told them Mandi is always rubbing it in Dean's face that she was at the wedding. Yeah mom was around four months pregnant with me when they got married and plus dad has told me and I've watched there wedding video and have remembered that.

So all I got to say that the day went according to plan. I was happy to be able to make new memories for this Valentine's day to make up for the memories that are vaguely clear about last years. So all I want to say is Happy 20th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

As well as wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day!!

Valentine's Day


As most of you know Valentine's Day is only a day away. Most don't like, most love it, and some people don't know what to do about it. I am one of those people who love it AND don't know what to do about it. One reason I love it is because its one Holiday (and I will explain why its a Holiday for me) that I won't forget but will always cheerish. But first I want to share with you the first Valentine's that will probably mentally scar me for life. Your probably wondering why it'll mentally scar me? Well it all has to do with my ex-fiance Zachary Hess.

Zachary Hess was my first love, oh how I remember him. I meet him through an ex-boyfriend and when I first meet him I thought he was so hot (yes to say that now hurts me) and that there was something about him that attracted me to him. I didn't think that I'd have a chance to be his girlfriend but one never knew. The first time I saw him I thought would be my last time that I saw him so I just decided to be friends. About a year or so later he friend requested me on MySpace and about a couple months later he asked me out. We hooked up on Dec 14 2007 and then was engaged about two weeks later (don't say anything yet because it gets better and you'll realize why I call him ex-douchebag #1). My family never like him because he seemed etchy but since I was young, dumb, and in love I figured him and I would be together because no one (and I mean NO ONE) loved me like he did (bo...I better stop ruining it huh?). Well about two months later (Valentine's Day) was a day I could never remember. Him and I had a very stressful day because his grandma was in the hospital and it was my parents 19 year anniversary. I had work (6:30am-4:00pm) and then school (5:00pm-7pm), where he was going to be at the hospital with his grandma and meet me back at his house after I got out of school. We spent the evening together were I do not remember what we did because the memories with him are mentally abusive. The whole relationship I had with him was different but he mentally abused me...took me for granted and used me. I do know that the greatest memory I had that Valentine's day was were my mom had a Valentine's card for me at the door of my house and that I went to go see my grandma. That's the only great memory I had. I never spent the day with both of my parents for their anniversary and its something I try to always do.

February 14, 1989 is a day that I can say that I will never forget. Why? Well it's the day that my parents got married! Yes they got married on Valentine's Day. Which is why its a holiday for me. So you can only imagine that this Saturday, Feb 14th is my parents 20th anniversary. My mom was around 4 or 5 months pregnant with me, so I sorta can say that I was there with my parents when they got married. I am very proud of my parents and I am happy for them. Someday I hope that I can find a guy that makes me as happy as my dad makes my mom.

On a lighter note I just want to say that before I moved out my mom and I would always argue so sometimes it would make it hard to even be in the same room with my mom for more than 3-6 hours at a time. After moving back home my mom and I haven't had ONE huge argument since then. I am really close with my mom and I have to say that that is the bestest gift and memory that I can tell my mom this Valentine's Day. My dad on the other hand, him and I have really been tight since I can remember.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone and Happy 20th Anniversary Mom & Dad!! I'm so proud of the both of you!! Where You are the DJ

This site is the best site for people to be a DJ for there OWN radio station. DJs get to blip while there listeners get to listen and give them props for certain songs. I think that it is the greatest tool/site for people to recommend certain songs to people in where if the person doesn't like the song, they don't have to download* it. I personally use this site and I think its awesome because I can use the site with my TwitterFriendFeed, and Autoscrobbler. Join now by going to!!

The Twitter Revolution...My Story


Twitter: is defined by Wikipedia as a social communicating and micro-blogging services that allows its users to send and read other users' updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based post of up to 140 characters in length.

I first heard of Twitter back around 2007 and didn't think much of it. Of course I started using it all the time because it didn't hurt to let people know what I was doing. Why not? People should be truthful and people should share and thats exactly what I like about Twitter is because people aren't afraid to be themselves there and I am one of those people are open and don't mind sharing things.

But what about other people? Well it seems that now Twitter has become very popular among people and business. For me its nice to follow different people and find out what they like about certain things, who they like, and even anything about what type of music they listen to and much much more! It seems now that Twitter is getting more and more popular.

But what's my scoop, why do I use Twitter? Well I use it to let people know what I am doing, what I'm listening to, send them updates about my site, or anything that I feel like twittering.  I have been a member on there November 21, 2007 and if you would like to follow me on there then add me: @MandilDavis.

Well if you'd like to know my official review on Twitter you can find it here. Needs More Staff


Well I am not completely sure that I have told you all this but I am one of the co-webmasters (in this case me and my other co-webmaster partner say we are co-webmisses) at We are currently in need of staff over there so if you are interested just shoot me an e-mail. But in case your wondering is about is the following:

Stephenie Meyer Fan Site pretty much a fan site giving you the latest news on Stephenie Meyer and all her workings. Not only that but you can pretty much most of anything you want on there (well I will warn ya that it is a working progress). Don't hestitate to check it out because we at would like you to check it out before you apply for the position. We even follow along with the Twilight Saga!

Kristen, Lesa, and I would like to thank all of our fans (people who are regulars at the site) for the patience while the site was down. We had some technical difficulties,  but we fixed them and the site is back up and running.If you like the site and seem interested please send me an e-mail letting me know that you are interested and I will respond as soon as I can.

Survey for Twilight Essay


Well I hope that most of you have seen my writings page and realized that I am currently working on a couple of essay's. Both in which are more or less helped by research. The Twilight Essay is more a research one with the fans and not of what its about and such. That is why I took the liberty to create a survey in which I would like for most people to participate. You can find it by clicking here.

I do thank you in advance if you participate in this survey, your feedback will help greatly.

The Vampire Diaries: The Struggling & The Awakening


The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle & The Awakening
L.J. Smith
$8.99 - BordersBarnes & Noble, and
Fantasy / Fiction / Vampires - Young Adult
492 p.
With The Vampire Diaries being released close to a year after Twilight I feel as if this author has taken the same concept of Twilight and just changed it plus didn't make it so similar to Twilight. Otherwise it was a good book and was another book that had me on the edge of my seat from the front to the back.



Twitter is by far a great site were members can post updates, ask each other questions and socialize with others.  It has a way were users can personalize there designs and just have fun. Users also have fun with hashtags, Follow Friday, voting and much more.

Life Getting Back on Track


Well a lot has happened that has made me realize that I just need to forget about the guys in my past and try to focus on my future. So for the last couple of days I have been working on things I was working on when I was not seeing anyone. I am finally back on things that I was on before I was with Zac or Scott and I feel absolutely happy that I feel my life getting back on track. I now want to make sure that I look positive and not think negative.

As you all know I am a Geek so I have gone back to getting back on all my sites (i.e. my own website, The WOW Campaign, Twitter, etc etc). So I just want to say that all of you who like to keep an eye on me or are proud of me you can follow me on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc etc.

Here are all or most of the sites that you can find me at:
My Blog
My Reviews
The WOW Campaign
If I think of anymore I guess I'll update ya when I get the chance.

Microsoft Zune


Microsoft Zune
I bougth this shortly before buying my iPod Classic and I really didn't like it so I sold it quickly.



Apple, Inc
This is an application that allows you to put music onto your iPod. You can have multiple iPods on it and still be able to have fun on the computer. You can download it free at

iPod Classic 80GB


iPod Classic 80GB
Apple, Inc
This was my best investiment because its the biggest iPod I have ever owned because it holds all my music from my iTunes library and even more. It is a replacement of the iPod Video because it allows for Videos and Movies to be watched from it. Whatever you can do in iTunes (except for buy music) you can do on the iPod Classic.

iPod nano 2G 4GB


iPod nano Second Generation 4GB
Apple, Inc
This was my second iPod and I had to get it because the headphone jack in my iPod mini messed up so it was a replacement. This one was a grand update from the previous iPod that I had because this one has a color screen which was awesome because of the album artwork option. Came with everything that was to be included.

iPod mini 2G 4GB


iPod mini Second Generation 4GB
Apple, Inc
For this being my first iPod a 4GB was great. It came with Apple headphones (which were the first headphones that I loved with them being the in-ear ones, in which Apple doesn't make anymore), a belt clip, a CD to install iTunes onto your computer (now iTunes is a Free Download that you can find at, a USB cord for syncing from your computer (iPods are capable with Windows but isn't capable for both Windows and Mac and will only pick up from the library that you have selected onto your computer). This one is small and fits in a pocket or anything you can think of. It doesn't have a color screen and is not compatiable for music vidoes.

Twilight (Movie)


Catherine Hardwicke
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner
2 Hours
This movie is based on the best-selling novel written by Stephenie Meyer. It was directed by Catherine Hardwicke. The actors and actresses that were choosen to play the parts played the characters really well. Catherine did a really good job with pulling this one off. The only thing could use some changing is the graphics. Some scenes were the way I pictured them as I was reading the book and some were just not how I imagined them. Overall it is a pretty good movie and those of you who have read the book will enjoy the movie. Those who have not read the book will be a bit confused as the movie doesn't cover all of the book. I suggest if you haven't read the book read it.

The Twilight Soundtrack


Twilight Soundtrack
1. Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
2. Decode - Paramore
3. Full Moon - The Black Ghost
4. Leave Out All the Rest - Linkin Park
5. Spotlight [Twlight Mix] - Mutemath
6. Go All The Way [Into the Twilight] - Perry Farrel
7. Tremble For My Beloved - Collective Soul
8. I Caught Myself - Paramore
9. Eyes On Fire - Blue Foundation
10. Never Think - Robert Pattinson
11. Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine
12. Bella's Lullaby - Carter Burwell
Most of the songs in this soundtrack have been played throughout the movie. I think that the songs relate very well since they were fitted into the movie perfectly. One is even written by the actor who plays Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and it brings out his beautiful voice. Its a soundtrack that'll make you want to put it in your CD player and keep it repeating all day long. If you've seen the movie and want the music this is as close to the movie music as you'll get (duh, reason why they call it a soundtrack).

Breaking Dawn (Book)


Breaking Dawn
Stephenie Meyer
Romance / Fantasy / Vampire - Young Adult
754 p.
With this being the fourth (and hopefully not the last one) was one that I enjoyed the most. This book was just as interesting as the first three books. It was really intriguing because it was written in three different parts and things that were unfolding were things that I didn't think would happen. But as I kept on reading I noticed that Stephenie wanted readers to know what it felt like to be a vampire. It is a must read if you've read the first three.

Eclipse (Book)


Stephenie Meyer
Romance / Fantasy / Vampire - Young Adult
629 p.
The third book of four continues and is the sequel to New Moon. When I found out that this one was out I had to read it. At the time that it was released I was working full-time and going to school part-time so I bought the audiobook on iTunes. I listened to it in one day and it gave me the same affect as if I had read it. There were times when the reader made the book sound alive, so there were times I wanted to cry, but overall I felt as if it was a good book.

New Moon (Book)


New Moon
Stephenie Meyer
Romance / Fantasy / Vampire - Young Adult
593 p.
The second book of four in the best-selling series written by Stephenie Meyer continues the fixation brought on by Twilight. New Moon is the sequel to Twilight and I figured that if I enjoyed Twilight I'd enjoy New Moon. Since I was intrigued by it from the first page I just couldn't put it down. Once I was done with this one I wanted to read more, but didn't know that the third one was being published.

Twilight (Book)


Stephanie Meyer
Romance / Fantasy / Vampire - Young Adult
498 p.
The first book of four of the best-selling series written by Stephenie Meyer has become a new fixation for many who have read the books. Twilight, in my eyes, is like Romeo & Juliet but with a twist because it involves Vampires and Werewolves. When I first saw the book (before reading it) I figured that I wouldn't get into it. But then I finally caved in and read it, and I actually enjoyed it. If you have read any vampire novels then this is one that you might get into. I got into and by the time I got to the end I wanted to read the second one (I read this around the time New Moon came out).