The Players Handbook

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The player's handbook, well that's every girl's best friend and every guy's worst nightmare. You see it gives away important details about being a guy who is a player. To really understand the player's handbook you have to know and understand the definition of a player. You can't just google for the definition of a player because ,well, lets's face it you got football players, basketball players, you got the movie The Players, it's also an acting term; so you see have to really understand the true meaning of a Player dating wise. Let's start with the definition, quite simple if you ask me.

Player (n): an individual skilled at sexual seduction, One who actively seeks out sexual partners and carries on a number of sexual affairs at the same time.

You may also find places that refer to it as a slang word, in reality, it's like slut, whore, or skank only for a guy. Now, you could be thinking well wouldn't he just be a man-whore? The answer is No. There is a clear difference between Player and Man-Whore. A man-whore is a guy who is like a prostitute aka gigolos, hustlers, and call-boys. Whatever you do, don't get the two mixed up. This handbook is going to strictly focus on a player not a man-whore.

There are several characteristics of a player that really should throw a neon sign out there, but for some reason we miss them. Maybe its the lines they throw at us but its more than likely the smokin' hot body that blinds us. And ironically, that is the first characteristic of a player....

1. The player is always smokin' hot and knows how to work it to their advantage. And because of this......generally they will rip off their shirt at the drop of a hat!! Honestly, how can we miss this as an obvious sign of a player??

2. Smooth.....painfully smooth. The lines that they spout off at the drop of a hat would mesmurize a top of the class havard graduate and make her forget her name. And i'm not talking about lines like "did it hurt when you fell from heaven??" Their lines are trickier and we never realize they are lines until after its way too late.

3. You're their one and only:
players tend to make girls feel like they are "their one and only" they spoil them with romance, whisper all the sweet nothings that we all want to hear, and make us girls feel like no one in the world can take our place. sometimes they may even go as far as showing us signs that they want to spend their lives with us and that their is a great future ahead.

4: Nicknames
Every been called a baby, sweetheart, or doll. For players its not out of affection is because they don't want to call you the wrong name. It is simple easier to use terms like baby and sweetheart. Now, sometimes it is out of affection but not all the time. For an example of a player using these terms watch the movie John Tucker Must Die

5. They make you believe anything you say:
Some players find ways to lure you into their love and once they know that they got you then they use it to your advantage. They blind you with saying they will promise things will get better or that they never intend to hurt you. With their luring words they will find a way to hook you in on every word that they say. Sometimes if they are playing so good they'll make you think they love you even if they don't. Once they know your hooked they could make the relationship last week, maybe months, even years and you not know. Some are just that cruel. But if things don't go the way they hope they'll dump you in an instant and leave you hurt, heartbroken and scarred. If your strong make sure you have the wit to play the game because sometimes it takes two to tango and you might have a chance at beating them at their own game.


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