Missing You Is Hard

To: My Dearest
From: Your Sweetheart
Date: 2/18/09 22:15

I'm standing here at work thinking how nice it would be to be standing in your arms but at the moment given I am not. I've not heard from you in a couple of weeks to a month and that is also making me realize how real this time apart from you is killing me. I really long for you to also be here telling me that it is okay and that everything'll get better, but your not. I also lay awake at night wondering if you are thinking the same thing. Its been hard being away from you sice I have figured out how I feel about you.

My feelings for you have changed a lot since our eyes met each other a few odd years back. It's almost like I figured we'd just be acquaintances instead of lovers, but in fact my feelings did a 360. I never thought it'd be so hard describing our parting but it's hard not seeing you. Who would have thought taht we'd be good for each other.

I never thought that someone would take my breathe away to where I have to makes ure my heart is still pumping, but thats what it does everytime we talk on the phone, text, instant message, or e-mail. I would have thought that this wouldn't all be like this after all I have been through but it's not. I never thought that this would like me, that I'd fall hard for someone but maybe your the lucky one.

I don't like the seperation but I guess I've grown use to waiting and wondering. It's hard for me to wonder whether your feelings have changed since the last we talked. Once I see [most of the time] that it hasn't it makes the smiling, dancing like a little school girl dance, the adrenaline, and making sure I'm breathing come back to me. Theres times I wish at a certain moment that you'd know I need that text, phone call, instant message, or even e-mail to cheer me up. But nothing comes. Its hard and I guess I have to deal. I am strong and I'll make it til I hear your voice next.

I love you and miss you much,
Your sweetheart


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