Quick Update


Well I have been busy for the last 5 days with working the morning shift that when I have come home I've just been physically and mentally tired. I got my job back at Meijer which I am very thankful that my boss asked me to come back. But it changed were I work in the produce department. My team leader has taken me out of the guest convenience and moved me to were I am setting the floor or were I help maintain it. I am starting to get work-outs everyday that I am working. Which is helping me lose weight more!!

Anyway, I am working on coming up with a few ideas to let everyone know when I make new ringtones!! I almost also going to work on it to were everyone can just upload them from this site since they are ones that I make granted they are not my music. I will, however, be making it to were I do include the song name and artist in the updates. As it unfolds I will let you all know!!