BlackBerry Curve 8530


BlackBerry Curve 8530
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I have now switched to the newest Curve in the family of BlackBerry's. I have been so happy with this BlackBerry that I have no desire to steer away from the BlackBerry family. If you've read my last review on the BlackBerry Curve 8330 then your really going to enjoy this review!! Not only did my last Curve give me a great amount of space but due to the circumstances of having to downgrade back to my Pearl for a couple of days due to the fact I was trying to be a kid again I never got the chance to fully learn the Curve. But since buying the BlackBerry Curve 2 and using it on a daily basis I am enjoying all the functions and space that I have on it!

The only thing that I do miss is having a flash on my camera but due to going to a concert that partook outside I did get to try out out it looked in the nighttime on camera mode and I have to say that if you go to a concert you may want to take a digital camera. I am disappointed that RIM didn't make this model with a built-in flash on the camera but I am learning on how to deal with it. Not only does this phone have a camera but it also has a video camera, voice note recorder, and a music player! If you have purchased on of these phones, I do have to warn you that you may need to get a memory card as most of your music, pictures, and videos are stored on there as well as ringtones if you purchase any!

When switching to the BlackBerry software version 4.7 to version 5.0 took me a good day because the setup was similar yet different. I was able to use more sophisticated folders to store applications. The BlackBerry messenger and the SMS text as well as MMS systems were the ones that I had to relearn as it was all in chat mode and to choose recipients were setup differently. But with learning the software I would have to say that RIM definitely did a wonderful job on the upgrade!

Many applications that I use on my BlackBerry are: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, WeatherBug, Loopt, foursquare, Craigslist, eBay, Pandora, as well many of the apps included in the BlackBerry package. I would have to say that if you are looking to upgrade from a smaller BlackBerry, like the Pearl, the Curve is the way to go!

~Mandi Lynn~