Life Getting Back on Track

Well a lot has happened that has made me realize that I just need to forget about the guys in my past and try to focus on my future. So for the last couple of days I have been working on things I was working on when I was not seeing anyone. I am finally back on things that I was on before I was with Zac or Scott and I feel absolutely happy that I feel my life getting back on track. I now want to make sure that I look positive and not think negative.

As you all know I am a Geek so I have gone back to getting back on all my sites (i.e. my own website, The WOW Campaign, Twitter, etc etc). So I just want to say that all of you who like to keep an eye on me or are proud of me you can follow me on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc etc.

Here are all or most of the sites that you can find me at:
My Blog
My Reviews
The WOW Campaign
If I think of anymore I guess I'll update ya when I get the chance.


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