Suze Orman...was on Oprah today

Suze Orman was on Oprah today and I watched it and also recorded it on the DVR because Suze Orman knows what she is talking about. I don't know why I haven't begun to keep up on Suze Orman until now but I agree with most of what Suze Orman says. Not just because she has endorced the company that I work with but because pretty much all she says is true. Most people do not know how to spend there money wiseley but if anyone was to talk to Suze about your money issues she is one person you probably need if you have horrible spending habits because she will tell you whether you should stop with the habits or not.

I have posted a link (above) for both Suze Orman as well as Oprah not only because I think that if you visit Oprah you'd learn a lot from them but because I believe that you should visit their site(s) if you are going through any type of troubles or anything.  If you think that you shouldn't take any advice from me, its not from's from either Suze or Oprah and I do believe taht they could help you with any problems you have.
Well, that's all I have for now! Take Care!

*Note* This is ony an overview I will have a whole list of details on things she covered soon!


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