Twitter: My Revolution

Most of everyone has heard of Twitter by now but many still don't have a Twitter account. I don't mind who does or doesn't have a Twitter because its their reason they don't but most of the many users who do find that they love it because they find more people who like stuff they do. I use it to update people on what I am doing throughout the day as well as to create more friendships and find others around me who would like to hang. I even use it to keep in touch with friends who I have known for a while. Most views of my blog know that my username on Twitter is @MandiDavis and I even have a RSS feed on here. Well I have recently gotten a new cellphone provider in which my tweets can be sent to me via text. Well I have gone through my list of people who follow me and my list of people I follow and have complied a list of people who I have their tweets sent to my phone. Here is the list [Note: the list is in no particular order!!]:

My list is based of friends who I tweet with on a daily basis, those who send updates (i.e. New stations, bands, etc), or even just people who I really want to keep in touch. I had to keep the list to a bare minimum so that my phone won't blow up. I just want to say to all my Twitter friends, if it gets outta hand I'll just swith it to Direct Messages. But I am hoping it don't come down to that.
If you are a memeber of Twitter and don't know how to do that, then follow me and send me a reply or direct message and I'll be glad to help. [Note: If I get many request I'll possibly make a blog about it]. Tell than, lets get Twittering!!


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