Follow Friday Update and More

A couple entries back I had discussed Twitter's famous Follow Friday. Well with last weeks follow friday my twitter follower list has grown almost by 20+ people. Well this week I am going to start something different. I am going to start posting a link to each follow friday list and putting it up in a blog, as well as updating my status with the WHOLE list of followers for the event. That way I still can do the hashtag and start getting recognized on

How can you get on my list? Well for this week (since its such sort notice) I will just handpick like I do every week. But from after this Friday on there will be a few things I will look into. And here's a list in what I will look at:

  • How neat your Twitter page looks
  • How nice you are (i.e. friendly, recommendations, tweets, etc)
  • How much we talk
  • How popular you are (i.e. how many people are following you)
  • And a few odds and ends.
I am hoping that soon I can have a fair list that have different people on it each week. Some weeks I might have one or two of the same people on it but I am hoping that I can spice it up a bit and have different people on it as well.

On a lighter note I am working on getting this site back to a nicer and more complex (for me at least) site were I hope people will start saying Wow, Mandi actually spent some time and worked hard on it. I am hoping to also work on getting to find a way to get back into college so that I can really pursue my degree in Web and Graphic design, but for now I am just playing around.

Well, that's all for the updates and I hope to see you all in the Twitter land!!


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