Follow Friday: The Weekly HUGE Holiday for Tweeps

As the word about Twitter is getting bigger, so are most peoples follower's list. Follow Friday (#followfriday) has brought a lot of people together and also has made a lot of people start finding others who tweet (an update on Twitter) about things they like. Twitter isn't just a site that allows people to keep others updated, to me its a site were people can find and socialize with others. Just today Oprah joined the Twitter nation and last night Ashton Kutcher was crowned King of Twitter. So how do you Follow Friday. Well first if you haven't joined, you must [in order to partake in Follow Friday] then once you join start searching for friends or celebrities you know and then every Friday you type in #followfriday then @ with the person's username in your status update. Once your list gets bigger so does your list for Follow Friday's.  For now I am out. I'll have more on Twitter soon!!
~Mandi Davis


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