Chaotic Ideas in Organization

So I have been brainstorming many ideas for some more ways to make this an interesting blog. I am also working on a way to get these into pages as well. Sounds like on top of going to college (and yes making a little blog series out of it is going to be on of those many ideas). In case most of you haven't noticed that I not only do book reviews but I also just blog about anything in general as well!! I am slowly working on ways to get this site running better because this is a mini project that I am hoping to make a portfolio for a future class!!

Some of the many interesting ideas I have for the site are:

  1. Better reviews!! I am going to be redesigning the way I am going to be reviewing books, albums, artist, sites, etc. I am even thinking about changing around what all is included in the review which means there may be some added content to most and many reviews. The rating system may even go through a small change, this though I have not completely figured out.
  2. Follow Friday In the mist of the Twitter Follow Friday (yes I have a twitter and I try to partake in Twitter Follow Friday when I am able to get on the account) but I have started to work on getting new followers for my blog. I started this week and I am going to continue next week. So keep an eye every Friday for a list of my Blog & Twitter [coming soon] Follow Friday recommendations!!
  3. College Blog Series As most of you know I am going back to being a full-time student at Monroe County Community College! Well since this is part of starting a new chapter in life I am going to start making a habit of making a habit of blogging about my day at college every day that I have classes (which are Monday and Wednesday's) for a whole semester. That's right I am going to blog about my Chaotic College Life series. Yeah I am a dork, so sue me! (Not really just joking, I'm a smartass if you haven't realized)
  4. Song of the Day Music is a great part of my life that there are some days that I start listening to music as soon as I wake up. This has inspired me to start trying to make it a habit of making a daily posting of a song that has touched me that day! How will I pick which song will be the song of the day? It'll either be picked at random, how many times it was listened to, how its impacted my day, or just by how I have the song rated in my iTunes. Now there are countless number of songs out there but I am pretty much selecting them from the 4,000+ songs that I have in my iTunes, however; I will take suggestions!
  5. Random Updates I have from time to been known to post something about my day as well and this is not gonna change. It may have a different approach but these are going to continue! I enjoy being able to share my walk in life with people that I will not change that! I am not guaranteeing that I will give juicy details and if I don't feel like going into detail I sure hope you understand that there may be a reasoning behind it.
All in all this blog is my way of showing my work of to the world. Not only in profession but in life. This is more a personal blog then just a set blog but I do incorporate everything in my life into this!


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