Chaotic College Life: A Slight Change

So I have been thinking about making a slight change in how I am going to blog about my Chaotic College Life. At first I was going to be summarizing my day, but upon discussing more about this to my Humanities class I figured I'd change things up a bit. How? Instead of writing what we learned that day I think that I am going to be blogging about what I got out of the lecture/lab that day PLUS give tips on how I think other students could learn from what I have learned. Then maybe I may include some thoughts and ideas for my future lecture/labs for that same class. However, I thought about ending the post here, but I'd hate to lose you all so I may just start with today's classes!

POLSC 151:
First exam for the class, I am thinking I did pretty good except for the fact that I freaked on the essay. It doesn't help that this was to a degree the first college exam I have had in the last two years [other than the Math exams I had two years ago]. I did study! Took me about 7 hours to do my note cards [they did help out with the last 12 minutes of the test] but because I freaked on the essay I had to wait for note period which meant that I didn't completely do good on the essay, but because I was confident on the multiple choice and still had the material freshly in my head [thanks to looking at the note cards a half hour before my test] I did great on that. I do highly recommend that if you ever get a teacher that allows notes that you not only use your notes from lectures but also doing note cards. Also if you have friends in that class, do a study group. Even if it's just you and that friend.

HUMAN 250:
Well this class so far is a great class. I am not only learning that its a great class were we can have fun and voice our opinion about the media but we can also have fun. I love this class because the Professor is great! Today in class he asked whether any of us were in to graphic design [um, yea I raised my hand] because he wants to have a picture for an article he is writing! Well I was able to get more info about the work he wanted and got to hear what he wanted so I have to work on that sometime tomorrow. Well with him asking me that I tweeted about it and because of something that happened in Humanities and me using Social Media I got a job offer that I cannot refuse (I'll keep you all updated on that as it comes along). So my advice on something like this...if an opportunity in your field comes in a class that you signed up for as a "blow off" class, go with and do what I did and take it to the next step!

CIS 130:
Second exam for the day and college life was in this class today! Did I study? No. Why? Well because I'm really good with computers and my brain is filled with all the knowledge from close to seven years as "apprentice" learning from my father I walked in confident with getting an A+ on the exam to a possible low A/High B. There were a couple questions that as I was taking the exam that I wish I would have just glanced through before the exam (I did have plenty of time in my 20 minute break to study) but I didn't think that I'd freeze again [ok I did but I didn't think it'd be in this class]. Even if you think your good enough to pass an exam because you think your smart least glance over it (especially if you don't like test/exams as well as I do).

MATH 121:
With Math being my most feared class I think today's class went well. I actually learned how to understand binary and what it meant. Now I am sure that'll have another computer class that'll help me understand binary so I am pretty glad that I really paid attention in class. Not only did we learn binary but we also went over our review for the first exam that'll take place in this class on Monday [yikes I better get started on my "cheat sheet" that we are allowed to have]. Thankfully I am pretty understanding with the stuff that I will be partaking in the cheat sheet that we are allowed to have and studying as well.

So I hope this wasn't as boring [which I am sure most of you thought that last one was] and that you understand that this is what I am hoping to portray with the Chaotic College Life series. I hope you guys and gals check back because I am trying to help you all out as well [if your in college that is].



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