First Semester Complete

Well, hello all.  I would like to let you know that I am still currently working on typing the contract at the moment and haven't gotten to finish it.  I think that I will still be working on it but I have gotten around to getting business cards, notepads, and a stamp for the business.  I will update you more on the business on

I just completed my first semester of college over at Monroe County Community College and I am really happy that I have almost a month to relax and focus on making money.  Of course you all know that I working full-time and that I do have a business as well.  But I passed my final exam for Math 090 and I really can't tell you what I got because I did not find out exactly what I got on my final exam.  All I know is I stayed in the class until he said I passed.

I worked almost a whole month on getting my research paper done for English 151 and then Wednesday after getting out of work, I worked on my portfolio project so that I could turn it in that night.  In which I did and I was out of my english class quicker then I was out of my math class.  But it was all good for as long as I was in that class.

Like I said I can focus on getting my business going and maybe Jason might help me.  Well, later.


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