My Love for Him & R.I.P Uncle Galen

There is a bible verse that I held on to for a while because I wasn't wanting to rush into love and I still don't.  It talks about how love is patient, kind, does not boast and how trusting it is.  Well, I believe that bible verse because love was just that for me.  With praying to the Lord for me to being patient with love and him finding someone who loves me for me and for someone who doesn't wish to change me, I am thankful that today I can say he has blessed me.

Most people say that I am too young to know love, but really most don't know me.  I can possibly be more mature than anyone one who is just starting to get out there in the world.  Love hits a lot of people and most start in the younger years less than the age of 18.  I have heard of plenty of couples falling in love when their in High School and end up getting married and being married for 10+ years.

I don't really care about how people think I should feel towards my boyfriend because they cannot control the feelings that I have for him.  They cannot even tell me things about him that they have heard because whether some or true or not, I still love Zac because he is sweet to me and every time I think about him, hear his voice or even spend time with him, I fall more in love with him.

I know that I have had not the greatest of a past but guess what, no one in the world is fucking perfect.  Everyone has had something go on in the past that they wish they could just forget.  But at sometimes it is very hard to forget about what happen.  I know that I could never forgive myself for ever thinking I could end my own life.  But shit happens.

Baby, all I gots to say is that I want you to be there for me when I feel like I am going to fall on my knees.  I want you to pick me up when I can't pick myself up.  You mean the world to me and I am sure that I mean the world to you.  I don't care what my family thinks of you, you are my world and nothing but my world.  I am sorry but I am sure that I have said that a lot but I feel that if I was to lose you, I would lose a reason to be happy.
R.I.P Galen W. Davis May 20, 1959-March 27, 2003: I miss you Uncle Galen
Uncle Galen,
I know that God will deliver this letter to you.  I just want to say that today was really hard.  I sort of got excited to be going to grandmas for Christmas because I was going to see you.  But then I remembered that you were not here with us and I almost cried.  I wish that I could see you again because I really want you to meet Zac.  Yes he's my boyfriend and I think that he is the one.  He keeps me on my toes and I keep him on his toes.  He's a very nice guy, I am sure that you'd like him if you got the chance to meet him.

Corey pissed me off today.  He wasn't there and I was also looking forward to seeing him.  I haven't seen him in a year so right now that added some disappointment because I wanted to tell him all about Zac and plus I wanted to see Davey, Chance, and Victoria.  Those are all Corey's kids and they are so adorable.  Well, Davey isn't, but Corey is working on adopting him.

Grandma had Cilia and Dad go through the stuff from the hutch that you like.  Someone asked who was getting the hutch and grandma said that it was gonna go to you.  That's when I had to look at the picture grandma has of you in the dining room.  I really miss you.  When are you going to be painting me a picture?  I want a pretty one.  I want pretty raindrops and lighting bolts.

I just wanted to say that I love you.  And I MISS YOU TERRIBLY.


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