Update for you all!

Hello Friends,
A lot has gone on since I last updated you so I will try and think of all what has happened and give you all one big update for now.

I went back to school for another semester in which the Winter 2008 semester start January 15 for me in which I was enrolled in two classes in which one was four credit hours and the other one was three credit hours.  Math 150 (4 Credit Hours{CH}) was getting hard for me so I withdrew from that class so that it would not ruin my GPA which currently at the moment is a 3.0 and it is better than my 2.6 GPA for High School.  English 152 (3 CH) is the class that I am still in until May 1st and that is going great.  I have only written 4 papers for it in which 3 I am turning in for my Final Portfolio.  In the English classes that I have taken and only have to take I have only had Final Portfolios and no exams.  So I am currently done with any and all papers until my next semester; which I hope is Fall 2008.

I hope that I have said this already but I am not quite sure I have said this already but Zac, my fiance, asked me to marry him about five to seven days after Christmas.  I did say yes and the date is set for sometime in July of 2010.  We are hoping that I am done with school then, if not I believe that I should be halfway done with my degree.

Also I moved out of my parents on April 1st.  Zac and I went to her on that day after I got out of school to explain to her how the apartment situation was going.  Zac and I were trying to talk to her like civilized adults.  Well, she did not want to have a civilized conversation and just went off on Zac.  I did not take that well and I started to cry.  I snapped back at her when she started to tell Zac she is not moving out and she is not quitting her $10/hr job just so she can live with you.  And she dropped out of her math class so she could spend more time with you.  She was just blaming so much on Zac that I blew up on her and told me to watch me walk the fuck out of the door.  That is exactly what I did was walk out the door.  I was devistated for hours.

But anywho, we are now in the apartment in Toledo Ohio and I am absolutely loving it here.  I am starting to get comfortable to go out and adventure on my own but before I get myself lost I at least want one of the guys to be with me when I do try and find my way around Toledo.  Toledo is such a big city that a girl like me just cannot adventure out on her own, especially at night.

Well, I think that I have updated for you guys well enough.  Actually I did miss something, I lost 40 pounds since I quit my job at McDonald's in July 2007.  I am even on my way of losing more since I have stopped eating three big meals a day and I only eat one big meal a day and snack lightly during the time between my last big meal and my next big meal.  Some days I am lucky to get a real nice snack in between meals.

Well, I guess that is it for now.


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