IT'S HERE!!! Plus More

Well, the Twilight movie is finally out and I have heard a lot of news that its a good movie and has heard of the many predictions of how much it'll make. Well I also said in my last blog that I might not get to see it. Well come to find out my good friend Kristi is taking me to see it and is also paying for my ticket as an earlier Christmas present. Thanks Kristi, I've been waiting for a long time to see it. So her and I made plans to see it Friday (November 28th) but since I have to work that day we decided to see it Thursday (November 27th) but now we might be seeing it Saturday (tomorrow or in actuality later today) so I am hoping that I can see it later today. I can't wait I'm so excited.

On other news, I have updated and hope that all of you who haven't checked it out will because its all designed by me! That's right, I'm a web designer and that's what I am hoping to get a degree for. But I have made major changes. Its all been designed on Adobe DreamWeaver CS3, that's such a wonderful program and since I was introduced to it in my Senior year I loved it.

But the main reason for this post is to simply vent. My friend Baber called me to ask me a question for Scott (my ex-fiance) and it pissed me off. She said that he wanted his RF adapter. OMG, WELL I CAN TELL THAT I WANT MY OTHER GAMES THAT HE LET WALK OUT OF HIS HOUSE AFTER I TOLD HIM THAT THE DO NOT LEAVE HIS HOUSE. I have some what, actually NO INTENTIONS OF RETURNING IT TO HIM UNTIL I GET MY DAMN FUCKING GAMES!!!! Then I was talking to my sister Becky and told her, if he really wanted it then we didn't he calll me himself. She merely reminded me whether I was still ready to talk to him and I told her, no not really. So she had a point there. But she did agree that me not returning it till I got my games was a good idea. So yeah, I've made up my mind and I'm sticking to it. I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO CHASE AFTER MY GAMES BECAUSE HE LET THEM LEAVE HIS HOUSE, HE SHOULD BE IN CHARGE OF THOSE BECAUSE I LEFT HIM IN CHARGE OF THEM. With that I am beginning to wonder if I can really trust "boyfriends" or "fiances" unless I truly know them. Both of my ex-fiances have really fucked me over or fucked me up. It just pisses me off and if they think they are getting off LUCKY, THEY MUST THINK I'M STUPID BECAUSE RIGHT NOW I'M REALLY PISSED OFF JUST THINKING ABOUT IT AGAIN.

But yeah I'm done venting but not being pissed off.
Have a good weekend ya'll.


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