Changes, Updates, & More

I just would like to take the time out today to thank you back to the site or even welcome you if your a first timer!! It has been quite a while since I've updated due to things happening outside of the laptop.  Most of it has been working but there has been family issues and other things. But right now we are focusing on the site!! There are changes being made in which you will notice within a month or so!! Those will be discussed later!! But for now I must update you on a few things!!!

I have recently within the last four months went from working at Kroger part-time to working at Meijer full-time as a produce clerk. I work the midnight shift which is fun so most of the time I've spent sleeping and working. Also I have trying to get things back to normal after my uncle passed and other things that have happened!! Also glad to mention that I have upgraded my phone to a BlackBerry so I may be able to keep up on things a lot more!!

Changes being made to the site is the theme and banner!! I wanted to go with things that showed or has adapted to my personality. Second I am going to be changing The Words of Wisdom Campaign blog to be featured in this blog, which means that The Words of Wisdom Campaign blog will be moved onto this blog. Not only is The Words of Widsom Campaign moving to this site but so are many reviews!! I will find a way to make all previous reviews I have done [whether they be posted on the review site, this site, or any other site] available on this site by July 2010!! Most of my changes I am hoping to have started by January 1, 2010 and have them completely or always on this site by July 2010.

As a small disclaimer I do want to say that this site will be keep organized to the best that I can have it. I would like your feed back and in that case, I may have a feedback page!! I just want to leave you on a small little thought of the day:
When life knocks you down, get back up and fight harder


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