Creative Ellusions

Well I have been tremendously busy with photo editing pictures from Christmas and found out that I enjoy doing this more then what I do at work!! So I have been pushing the business farther!! It's gone through so many names:  HD Designs, MD Designs, Creative Explosions...and last but not least...Creative Ellusions!!! I have twittered many things with the hashtag of #CreativeEllusions and as I will continue!!
Creative Ellusions soon will have it's own blog but for now I will be sharing this blog with Creative Ellusions until I figure out how to organize things!!

Now for some explaniations on Creative Ellusions!!
Creative Ellusions was founded by me in 2007, the later part!! We will offer a variety of services ranging from Computers, Music, Photography and more! Owner is Mandi Davis and co-owner is Rebecca Rutter!! We are still working out informational packets, blogs, Facebook page, and [coming soon] Twitter. For now anything to do with Creative Ellusions will be tweeted off @MandiDavis with the hashtag #CreativeEllusion!! Any other questions just comment and I'll try to answer them!!


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