Idea's and Advice

Well as most of you know I have been busy working on things with Creative Ellusions!! Well it has got me thinking that I need to continue things with The Words of Wisdom Campaign. So I did, which meant I had to create a new image!! It looks much better since I made the last one using paint and we all know that paint is not the graphic or a creative persons best friend!! Well then it got me thinking...I need to bring back The Words of Wisdom Campaign!! Then I totally remembered that I still wanted to continue because I was gonna bring it back on this blog but then I got to looking at the site and I just can't do that!! The same with my reviews because I have a good amount of reviews on that one!!

So were does the advice part of the title come from?? Well I need anyone's help that could offer it to me to how I can keep the blogs and get them to were it is good!! Will you be pretty much designing the site?? No you'll just be offering your advice to me to help me make it better!! Will there be an outcome for me?? Yes, if you in turn have a blog or a project that your working on I'll in return help you out the best I can anytime that I can!! Even if it is just sharing links through e-mail, Twitter or Facebook!!

I've linked everything that I need to link up for ya'll if you do want to help!! I look forward to your help. A little note, if you wish to get a hold of me on Facebook you have to be my friend!! If you are that is great. If not turn to e-mail or Twitter!!

Mandi Davis


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