Twitter Testimonial and Follow Friday

So I have been getting back into tweeting a lot and I have been meeting a lot of nice and friendly people via twitter!! When I first signed up for twitter I was using it lightly because I was [of course] new to the whole ordeal but it hasn't been until here recently I have been using it as a neat little tool that I can get things off my chest and get feedback on most of my tweets. Well here I have been updating you on things because I'm so comfortable. I have broken out of my twitter shell that you guys know what I'm doing, thinking, listening to, reading, news, etc, etc. I now also participate in the Follow Friday's that I make it a goal to blog my recommendations of Follow Fridays so that everyone knows how active I am on twitter.

My Follow Friday recommendations will be a mixture of my followers mentioning me in any form of #hashtag for Follow Friday plus I will be adding their recommendations to my list permitting how there profile looks. Not only that but grading on the level of how often they tweet! Once I am gathering my list I will be tweeting a short list of names that will be on my list so that way people can tell that I haven't forgotten about Follow Friday. Most times I am hoping to have this list up and posted the same day but this week has been a real busy week and I was extremely busy with an important business issue and had to postpone the blog until now!

This is my Follow Friday list for Friday, January 22, 2010:


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