Why I Went Back

So as I posted in my earlier blog, Blogging Mobile, I said I went back to the boyfriend who cheated on me and I know most of my readers were all saying that I shouldn't because I deserve better! But I have to agree to a certain degree that once a cheater, always a cheater...but with Chris I don't have to worry because he cares for me and my family! But I do realize that I have left out some details! So I'll give more details!

Chris and I have known each other for a good 5 years but didn't start getting close with each other for the last 2 years! We started talking when I dated Scott, my second ex-fiance who treated me like shit, but Scott forbidded me to hang out with him alone! Well when things ended with Scott and I, I started talking to Chris a lot! Little did I know that we both had eyes on each other for quite a while!

A month or two came along and we started texting each other constantly for two days straight and talking on the phone! Next thing led to another and we started dating! Two days after we started dating I moved into his apartment with him! Things kept getting better! About a month after we started dating I got a new job, then that's when things started getting crappy! I got sick really bad with bronchitis, then my car broke down.

Chris didn't start cheating on me until a week before we split up! What's worse is I didn't find out that he cheated on me until about a week or two after the split! What was weird when he told me about him being with the girl I was completely shocked because the girl told me she viewed him as a brother!

Things were really different during the split and I really didn't like it because I knew Chris and the Chris I saw while dating him was much sweeter then the Chris I saw! What was even weird about the whole ordeal was that the girl, her baby daddy worked with me and we were starting to get freakishly close! But we never dated!!!! There were disputes that were in court between the two and Chris and I were stuck in it as well! I learned a lot and I believe Chris did too! That's why I think that are relationship this time around is a lot different this time then the last!

It was back in November of 2009 when Chris and I started talking again! In fact, it was on Thanksgiving when we started talking again! Which is when things started making progress! We started dating in May of 2009 and around late June I realized that I had found the one I love! So that's why it was so easy to forgive him! I did let him know that I could never forget!

He has proven a lot to me that he has at least felt guilty for how things were! But he knows that I seen and heard the shit he went through and I know that would always be in the back of his mind but he enjoys taking care of me because he isn't looking to change me! I see that in his eyes whenever our eyes meet! So that's how I know that he is the one for me!

I welcome all feedback and will answer any and all questions that ya'll have! However, if I deem it to unacceptable or not comfortable for my answer, please respect my privacy! I may even contact you to answer on a private conversation! Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my post!
~Mandi Lynn~


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