Caught in Organized Chaos

First of all I would like to take the time to all of those who support me, love me, care for me, and keep up with this site!! Without you all I probably still wouldn't be doing this. Even if there aren't much I think that this site is a potential and that is why I do not stop doing what I do best: blog, review, and just be me! Another thing I would like to say is that I have found a title for the site that is catchy and I love it! The new name is: Caught in Organized Chaos. I choose that one because it fits me. I have all this stuff on this page and it's all in an organized chaos!!

On another note I would also like to update you all on things that is going on with me. I'm not sure if I had told you all that I left Chris, but I did. Yeah things were going okay a few months ago but it was after the tornado hit in Dundee when I started getting a weird feeling. My feeling was then again was hit hard when Chris stopped me from doing something that shouldn't have been a problem. Once he pissed me off the last time I knew it was time for me to just leave, so I went to my parents, talked to my mom and then went back and left him. Things have been much better and easier for me since I left him.

About two weeks ago I meet Andrew! We have so much in common and care for each other that its not funny. We both are working, going to college and trying to focus on our future, yet finding time to fit each other into our far its working great and continues to get better each time. We both understand each other and that is what I have been looking for in a guy! I'm happy and continue to be made happy!!


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