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So I would like to let you all know that my draft page has been building up with reviews that have not been finished, and trust me they will soon!! But the latest series of reviews will be artist and album reviews for: blink-182, Angels & Airwaves, Box Car Racer, and +44. Why them you ask? Well I have been an avid blink fan for 11 years and have always listened to anything that they have done. I have also thought in starting to review music videos for any band because the videos sometimes helps me (and probably many others) understand the lyrics in certain songs.

What's the purpose of my website? The purpose of my website is to show you guys not only my reviews but also my Writings. I have already posted my favorite writing The Gift of Life about a week ago so I will bring you guys more [in which if you go to my writings page you'll get a list of all my work on there!]. But not only is my website about showing you my knowledge of web design but I also post daily blogs about my day or sometimes I blog about my life once a month to give you guys a bigger update but this site is not only about reviews, writings, and my life but I also like to do something for you guys as well.

That's right, I think of you guys as well that's why I am always asking for input on what you guys want to see. Most of my Reviews pages I have information on how I want you guys to suggest things you guys want to see. Sometimes you never know that it is on a list already. So sometimes your input means a lot to this website!! Without it I probably would have given up.

So without further ado the list of the series of blogs that are coming up:
1. Artist Review: blink-182
2. Album Review: blink-182: Budda
3. Album Review: blink-182: Cheshire Cat
4. Album Review: blink-182: Dude Ranch
5. Album Review: blink-182: Enema of the State
6. Album Review: blink-182: Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
7. Album Review: blink-182: blink-182
8. Album Review: blink-182: Greatest Hits
9. Artist Review: Box Car Racer
10. Album Review: Box Car Racer: Box Car Racer
11. Artist Review: Angels & Airwaves
12. Album Review: Angels & Airwaves: We Don't Need to Whisper
13. Album Review: Angels & Airwaves: I-Empire
14. Album Review: Love Part 1
15. Artist Review: +44
16. Album Review: +44: When Your Heart Stops Beating

Keep your eye's posted!!!


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