Full-Time Student, 2 Part-Time Jobs with a Relationship on the Side

Well I noticed it has been a while since I have posted anything so I figured I'd take the time out of my busy day to let you all know the latest changes that are going on with not only me, but things that I usually have been talking about on here. Another thing is that I am sure that you've noticed the difference in the layout and even the link. Before most question yes I moved from WordPress to Blogger (a.k.a BlogSpot) and its all because I wasn't happy with the theme's. I couldn't get the feel for the themes over there and plus I still wasn't getting comfy with some of the features and the limited stuff I could do. But most of all this is just a blog telling you all about things that are going to be coming into play.

First is that I am getting back into something that I started to do about a year and a half ago but had to give up after my uncle died. It's not just something, its pretty much what I felt was an answer to my prayers that I still see are a little blurry still at a bit but I am starting to see things get clearer each time. I believe that I have mentioned Primerica once before but its company that I started working with back in February of 2008. I didn't want to give up but a month after I signed up my uncle was killed in a motorcycle accident [see RIP Hollis Wayne Hurst Jr (June 14, 1961 - March 14, 2009] and my family needed me more than anything. But with my family, and not just my family but Andrew, wanting me to better myself I am doing that part-time on top of going to school full-time while still working at Meijer part-time. I'll talk more about Primerica as it goes on and I am hoping to get out of Meijer if possible.

Another thing I am looking forward to is college starting back up!! I think I have mentioned before that I finally got things settled to were I was finally ellgible for the Pell Grant so with that I am going back to school full-time at Monroe County Community College were I am going to major in Media Arts and I am minoring in Business. The Fall 2010 semester for me starts August 30th and goes to December 13th. I have classes Monday and Wednesday's that very from the time of 2p to 9p. The classes that I am enrolled in are CIS 130 Introduction to Computers, MATH 121 Technical Math, POLSC 151 Introduction to Political Science, and HUMAN 250 Visual Media Literacy. Now my last couple of semesters were two classes less only because I was only able to afford that but now since I don't have the greatest job that I use to have I had to ask for help for this school year and now that I'm able to be a full-time student I can take more. So I can't wait for college to start because it's been 2 years since I've been to school so I'm really pumped!!

On top of going to school full-time and trying to get my career change to Primerica I'll be going back to work at Meijer as soon as I am cleared to go back from the doctor. I tell you the summer didn't start off right but I have a funny feeling that things are going to start getting better. I am sure that if God didn't want me to get out of Meijer he wouldn't have made the summer go the way he did. How come I'm not working this summer? Well it all start with me popping my knee at the Detroit Hoedown and it got to the point were it caused severe knee pain. Thankfully when I go back to Meijer I have to tell them that I have to go part-time starting immediately because I am going back to school part-time. I am not sure how it's going to work but I am putting my faith into God and letting him guide me down this path that will be exhausting.

On top of being a full-time student with having two part-time jobs I have time to have a nice and steady relationship with Andrew. This is a totally different relationship because he supports me in everything I am doing and realizes there may be times were we won't be able to talk but he has faith in not only me but our relationship and tells me that all this will benefit us. Okay maybe he alone don't say that but with me explaining that I'm not only doing this to try to better my life and our future together that [yes we've only been together for close to a month, we are slowly planning our future] we wish to have. I am sure you have all either read or even seen me throughout but ever since Andrew and I started talking we both have felt a strong connection. We have been taking it very slowly because we want the same things and want to make sure we are not pushing each other into doing anything we don't want to do.

I would have to say that I have to be thankful to have Andrew in my life because he has helped me find the person that I am. He knows the right things to say to make me laugh, knows when I am not myself, and even has the ability to piss me off one moment [not to bad yet but I'm sure we'll have our moments] and then put a smile back on my face the next. There is something about Andrew that makes me love him and I don't know what it is yet. With the other guys I dated I have never gotten the feeling I have with Andrew. It's like I have tweeted before "Everyone has a soulmate, you just have to be patient while on the search and once you find the one, you'll know" and I completely 100% sure that I have completely found the one. I just have to convince everyone that I have found the one and if no one wants to believe me then I'll prove to them that he means a lot to me then any other guy that I've dated!!

Most of you also know how my relationship was with God about 3 years ago. Well I tried promising myself when I got engaged the first time and was going to college that I wasn't gonna let anything ruin my relationship with God...well I kind of sinned big time on that one but with the help of Andrew I have found my relationship, and I mean my true relationship, with God and I am getting better at just letting him show me down the right path and without that I wouldn't be were I am today. I just have to say that if you had a relationship with God and things got rough for you like they did for me...don't give up! Things WILL get better. Look at me, I wasn't making the best decision...but now that I have the right people in my life that God wanted here I am back on the right path.

I just have to say that if your life isn't the way you imagined them...look at me my last year was a rough one and it took one person to enter my life, remind me that God will help me in my life if I gave it to him and I am getting back on my feet. If that's you I will pray for you!! Don't give up...just do what you need to do to better. All you need is ONE person!!


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