Still Alive, Just Busy with Brainstorming

Just a quick update to let you know that I am still hear, I have just been busy with getting back to school [full-time], work [part-time], helping family out, having a relationship, and trying to get back into work for Primerica on top of all this. Summer has always been a busy season but it seems that since I have graduated High School life itself has gotten a lot busier, chaotic, and active! I have done a lot of growing up and I have to say that I am proud with all the lessons that I have learned in my life so far. I have done many things wrong in the past but the things that have been going on lately has made life the more meaningful!! I am glad to have wonderful people in my life and those people know who they are!!

I just wanted to let you all know that things keep going great with Andrew and I am glad that I have him in my life!! I have recently found out that anything that has happened in my day I cannot wait to share with him. Not only that but each night I get to talk to him on the phone makes it special. I haven't seen him in two weeks so I have been busy trying to get it to were I can see him before I get really busy. On top of this blog I got a social life but soon things are gonna keep getting updated.

I am working in a system were I keep this updated more but for now this is all I needed to let you all know at the time!!!


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