Chaotic College Life: The Synopsis, Fall Semester 2010

Well most of you know that I am a full-time student. So most of my time is taken up by college, homework, and going to work itself. Well earlier I came up with an idea to do a blog series on the chaos that goes on in my life at school. Some of you are probably curious how I am going to fit this series in on top of homework and I'll answer that by trying to make this a part of my homework for all my classes overall. How will I make it apparent to all my classes? I don't know, I'll just make it a part of it because somehow I have a feeling that this may just help in itself (stupid thinking but hey I'm gonna go with the flow).

How this will work is that I will share with you things that I have learned in each class with posting summaries for my all my classes. Coming up with a great system will take time but for now this is going to be a work-in-progress type blog.What I am hoping to get out of this is to be able to look back one day and say wow, college really changed my life and I am glad that I got the education that I was able to get!!

First of all I am going to start off by saying that I will be creating Labels to help keep it organized and as I go I may just title with a cute saying or even just by a feeling for the day...I wanna be creative yet make it known that its is for the series.

Since this is starting the series for the Fall Semester of 2010 I will be giving a list of classes and the times I am in class. Plus with this one I am giving a description of the class right from the section information gathered from the college site. So without further ado, the class list:

POLSC 151 [Introduction to Political Science] Monday, Wednesday (Monday August 30 - Monday, December 13) 2-3:25p
This course emphasizes American political institutions, policy formulation, diverse political issues and key issues. This course also provides a foundation for responsible citizenship. Emphasis is given to the federal level of government with a critical look at the contemporary problems in American democracy.

HUMAN 250 [Visual Media Literacy] Monday, Wednesday (Monday, August 30 - Monday, December 13) 3:30-4:25p
This class will acquaint the student with the cultural messages that are created and manipulated by movies and television programming. Each student will be provided with the vocabulary and critical tools necessary for discussing and writing about these virtual media. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to analyze the visual media and their role in shaping his or her world.

CIS 130 [Introduction to Computer Information Systems] Monday, Wednesday (Monday, August 30 - Monday, December 13) 5:30-6:55p
This course provides the students with the basic knowledge of computer information systems and includes both computer concepts and hands-on use of various computer applications. Computer concepts include computer system basics of hardware, software, files and data storage. The hands-on portion consists of using the operating system, spreadsheets, word processing, databases, presentation software, e-mail and the Internet.

MATH 121 [Technical Mathematics I] Monday, Wednesday (Monday, August 30 - Monday, December 13) 7-8:55p
Description coming soon!

Keep checking back for more of the Chaotic College Life!


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