Under Construction...Partial Construction

So most of you know I am going to school for Digital Media and with that gives me a great option for my profession! Graphic design is something I am starting to get into because with Web design I am starting to want to learn the graphical part of it [yea I am nuts] so what better way to test out what I learn by showing some of my work on my personal website [which at the current moment is this darn blogger...which I am better at that!]. So with the recent name change I have decided to go under a total new makeover with the site.

So some parts are going to be going under construction! Which means what? Well I will probably be putting on a holt to the reviews and writings part of my blog! I have already decided to revamp them so that'll partake in the change. Plus my writings are being revamped a bit as well!! Which also means I am working on trying to get this blog eventually converted into a website!!

I will continue on with the Chaotic College Life series I got and I will be posting updates with whats going on in my life to a degree. Just figured I'd let ya'll know what was going on in my mind!

That's it for now!



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