Many Projects, Busy Life

To: All My Viewers
From: Mandi Davis
Date: 10-30-2010
Subject: Many Projects, Busy Life

Dear Viewers:
I would like to take out a little time out of my busy day to tell you that I am still alive. I have just been majorily busy with helping the family out, going to school, and working on getting a format together for the new page design. I have been trying to get it started so that I could get back to updating you guys but I figured it'd be better to at least make sure that all my viewers know the progress of how things have been.

So far I am doing very good in college. Classes have been keeping me busy, seems like I am always caught up and then I get behind again. But I guess that goes with the part of being a full-time college. I am doing fairly good in all my classes...political science I have been busy with trying to grasp the ideas that are being taught to me which so far I am getting better at it; humanities, the professor is hard to follow along with so I think I am just winging this class with the knowledge that I have from high school (which thankfully to my drama club is a good amount); introduction to computers, this one is an easy class that I am passing with flying colors; lastly, math is probably one of the classes I am doing surprisingly well in.

Another thing that has been keeping me away is that I have been busy getting ideas to transform this blog into a website to show potential clients and I am even trying to get ideas together to get my business site going. But so far I am having a busy time finding resources and getting my programs together to help me out with this process. It's been hard, fun, and amusing and soon I hope to be able to show you more of what I am talking about.

Changes are going to be coming soon and I can't wait. But I thank you all with your support!

Mandi Davis


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