Uh Oh It's Oreo!

Uh Oh it's Oreo! I am sure we all have had an oreo cookie or two in our childhood. Sometimes it was a cookie that a parents shared with their children. I know my dad sure did when I was growing up! So I am sure if I was a parent I would share it with my kids (which I do plan on doing when I have kids of my own). Growing up I would love oreo time, with dad and Bubba (what we call my brother). We'd have chocolate milk a pack of oreo cookies and we'd have a blast. Dunking the oreo, breaking it apart, eating the middle...oh the possiblities of eating an oreo are endless. I know that my personal way I eat is I dunk at least one in chocolate milk (or as I realized I have a big mouth, shove half of one in my mouth and take a drink), then I would take a part of few and eat the middle and then dunk at least one in chocolate milk, then the last one I eat it and then finish the chocolate milk to chase it all down! Oh oreo you are so delicious!!

With my oreo cookie experience it got me thinking (and it doesn't help that the oreo cookie commercials are also bringing my curiosity in and out of control) how do others eat their oreo cookies? Everyone has a way they prefer to eat it and I shared my memory and my preference on eating the oreo cookie, now I would like to know yours. The memory doesn't have to be a childhood memory, it can be any memory you want it to be and you can list as many ways you eat an oreo as you want! No you don't have to give details like I do but if you'd like it don't matter...you make it how you want it to be!!! Pictures are welcome if like!!

Be creative! I love creativity!


Anonymous said...

Haha, well I love them with white milk. I usually end up twisting one of the cookies of of two of them and then putting them together for a double-stuffed approach. I kinda want some right now! Thanks a lot! haha.

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