R.I.P. Casey Calvert (1981-2007)

It was about two or three years ago when I first heard the bands first ever single, "Ohio is For Lovers".  Ever since that one single, I have been a fan of Hawthorne Heights.  I have been in the process of finding other single and when I did I would buy them from iTunes and put them on my iPod.

Well, recently I found out that Casey Calvert, one of the guitarist for Hawthorne Heights passed away just outside of Club 9:30 in Washington D.C.  Earlier that day or the day before Casey's death, they were in the area of Detroit Michigan kicking off their Wintour 2007.   The night of Casey's death they were actually in the club that their tour bus was outside of.

Casey was found dead on the Hawthorne Heights tour bus the next morning.  The death of Casey Calvert is unknown and probably won't be announced for at least 90 days.


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