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So I am hoping that everyone has been paying attention to the more recent activity going on to the website. I have to admit that in the mist of things going on in my life, the thing that has been my dream has always been one thing that has kept me from all the things that suck in life and make me get back up and keep marching. With that being the case it has me focusing on things and reaching the line of getting back into college. Which has been getting me to want to keep the site and Creative Ellusion in my dreams. So I am reviving them and kinda need help!

Yes I am asking help from all of you. No I'm not asking for you to do all the work. All I am asking for is your help in sharing your ideas, advice, or even help on brainstorming. Whether your just a friend who has no idea what to do and you'd like to see my potential or see what I can do with something you'd like to see me try, then give me that incentive and maybe it'll add some zing to the site. I don't care what you come up with, if it sounds reasonable I'll try it!! If it sounds horrible I'll be honest and brutal and let ya know. But ya never know until you say.

However there is one thing that calls for attention first!!! The name and catch phrase that I have for the site is in desperate name of being changed!! That's right I'm sure you all have been turned away from it but ya know what if ya really want to help with seeing the changes come quicker then your ideas and advice may boost up the changes and make this a great and enjoyable site that makes people come back!!

On a lighter note I would like to take the time out to update you all on my adventure back to college. I registered for my fall classes online today for Monroe County Community College. I am taking CIS 130 Introduction to Computers Monday's and Wednesday's from August 26 to December 12th were my class time is from 5:30p to 6:55p; I am also taking MATH 121 Technical Math which is also Monday's and Wednesday's from 7:00p to 8:55p. I am glad that I have been given the chance to go back to college and I am very happy.

Throughout the brainstorming, idea, and advice I will share my ideas through posts so that way I keep you all on the same page with me. But for now, I need help on the name and catch phrase. A hint is to look around the site, talk to me a time or two and you may be able to help. If it helps, got to my Facebook profile add me as a friend and let me know you found me through here [that way I don't deny ya] and we can talk there!!


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