The Gift of Life

Jacky felt like dying, no one understood the pain that she was going through. Jacky had just been in a terrible car accident two years ago that had claimed the life of her dear friend Alan and almost claiming hers. She also had several medical problems since she entered middle school. She’s a survivor of cancer and she’s bipolar. Everyone knew that she had to be in a special house for the impaired. Though she wasn’t a danger to the world, she had to be there for her safety. Besides from being manic depressant, she is active in youth group.

Just recently she’d gone to a youth rally were the other youth groups that were from the same based church, meaning that it was a “assembly of god” church, met and made Speed the Light (S.T.L.) goals. Well, the last year she’d made a goal of $800 and actually raised $1,000. So this year she figured that she’d double her goal to $1,600. Though the problem was, she’d have to sacrifice a lot of things, but she was the girl that couldn’t sacrifice anything. Why?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with her parents. There bloody rich, but they don’t believe in God and they disowned her the day she started going to church. The only people that she called family were her boyfriend Kevin, her youth group, and the people that she lived with. What’s wrong with the parents that she lives with? Well, they’d give her the money in a heartbeat, but she didn’t want to get all the money from them in one payment. She’d want other people to help out. So she got this great idea, she’d share her story of how she was involved in the wreck.

This is her story:
“Almost about this time 3 years ago, I was involved in a car wreck with my ex-fiancĂ© Alan. Alan was a part of my youth group that I’m in now. He believed in helping the missionaries so bad that he’d make this big goal every year, he wanted to make $2,500. Though a year before he died we’d decided to get married shortly after we graduated and got degrees in what we wanted to succeed in. Well, that then put us to put our goals together. He’d raise $2,500 and I’d raise $2,500. This of course would equal $5,000.

“Well, we decided that instead of being procrastinators we would get moving right away. So after we were done, and on our way home from the rally, we called the local radio station and told them that we wanted to raise five thousand dollars for S.T.L. and that we needed the public’s help. Well, every time we’d listen we’d hear an advertisement about us. Well, within weeks we received almost 100 grand. But that wasn’t it, it kept growing. By time a year was done we’d raise over 1.5 million dollars. Higher then any one for S.T.L.

“Well, a couple weeks before we had a S.T.L. Youth Rally we were invited to Washington D.C. to receive an award for raising the most money for church. It was an honor. Though, of course it was winter and there was a drunk on the road, the drunk had collided with the car I was in and smashed it and left my fiancĂ© smashed between me and the other car; we both were fighting breath. I figured that we would both die but that I would be first. I could feel me bleeding from my heart but I didn’t know that it was minor.

“Alan started gasping for breath big time. Before he died he said eight last words, ‘Remember me when you are in the hospital.’ Then the next thing I know he died. I don’t even remember the ride to the hospital or anything because I feel asleep when Alan died. When I woke up I was told that he’d died in the hospital instead of in the car. He’d just fallen in a coma when I feel asleep. They said that I was lucky to be alive. An hour longer and I’d be dead along with Alan. They told me that they found that that I had an early diagnosis of lung cancer and that I’d be able to have surgery and not worry about dying or chemotherapy.

“I told them to go ahead. Within months I was able to go home. I still received my award and my real parents even came and visited me after I got out of the hospital. I told them that I didn’t want to see or talk to them because they weren’t always there when I needed them. My adoptive parents even told them to get out of the house. My youth group even was proud that they told me not to make a goal because I needed to concentrate on other stuff. The other stuff that I didn’t know about was a mystery, but I pulled through. I survived cancer and a car wreck that took the life of my love. I’m a walking miracle.

“With the money that Alan and I ended up earning bought missionaries what they needed. Then I heard that while I was in the hospital a local new station did a charity for me and they earned over 2 million dollars. That covered what I needed when I was in the hospital. Now I’m alive and doing well. I ended up finding a new love of my life and finding my dreams in live. All I ask is for one favor…

“…Donate for Speed the Light.”
The Gift of Life is ©2005


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